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Объявляется конкурс на ширамные новости для журнала Пермакультура.
Срок - до 25 мая.
чуть более подробное инфо:

What’s new?

For the next edition of GEN news – to be published in Permaculture magazine and on the GEN website – we invite you to send in your stories. New developments, projects and milestones on this never-ending journey. The deadline for submissions is May 31st – and I do appreciate receiving the material a little earlier ( I usually need a little time to work on it, sometimes some questions to be answered, before I send it on to the magazine).

Stories should be not too long or too short ( a few paragraphs ideally) but that depends a lot on the story and the writer, and anyway at the magazine they may edit it – so don’t worry about it .

Photo’s – are very important . Please send in beautiful , high resolution/high quality photos – that will guarantee you a good showing!)

суть этого - несколько параграфов, желательно с фотографиями.
Первый приз - 25 тасков и 5 бесплатных ночевок.
Заявка на участие - 1 таск с вас, принимается до 20 мая.
Dear Tatiana

I am fine, thanks for asking. And you?

Your previous news didn’t get in, it was difficult to make into a story – many small bits and pieces

What I suggest is try to choose one item that is real news, even if its not earth-shattering – but interesting and make that the central story – like last time we used the doorways you built. It was something special, had some nice photos with it. And as background you can also add some general news.

I will probably not be at Tamera – but who knows? Will you?


я заявляюсь на новости Ширама!
Цитата(katana20 @ May 29 2011, 12:21) *

я заявляюсь на новости Ширама!

один таск вношу в школьный фонд на соколе.
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