> Greetings from the InnerLinks Game office at the Findhorn Foundation in N.E. Scotland.
> We wish you a very Happy New Year 2011 full of personal transformation and continued joy with the Transformation Game.
> We are delighted to inform you that we have a date for the PLANETARY GAME 2012. It will be the week beginning Saturday, June 23, 2012.
> Please make a note on your 2012 calendar and plan your life so that you can join us then.
> It is too early to book your place through the Findhorn Foundation Booking Office or online, but if you let us know here at the InnerLinks Game office, we will keep a list and remind you when bookings begin. Logistically, this should be possible by July 2011.
Keep watch on the Findhorn Foundation website
or the InnerLinks website
or become a fan of InnerLinks on Facebook.
> The Planetary Game is limited to 120 participants and we hope to reach that limit.
> We are thrilled to have this special date, and anticipate a deeply transformative experience on a personal and planetary level.
> And please, tell your friends and share this extraordinary experience at an extraordinary moment in time, here at Findhorn.

> many blessings to you from us at InnerLinks UK,
> Mary Inglis and Susie Schwartz