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Dear friends!
Please spread the news about this intercommunitarian
STRAWBALE COURSE in Damanhur in your ecovillages!
( 10% discount for community members)
Thank you!!!

two technichal courses for experts and


Building with straw bales represents a sustainable solution offering a wide range of unconventional, creative forms for cozy living spaces. Whoever builds with bale can easily assist with ones own hands cutting costs considerably. For all these reasons, communities are attracted by building houses with straw bales.
In cooperation with two experts of the building team Siebenlinden (www.oekodorf7linden.de), Damanhur will construct and plaster for the first time a small strawbale house of 20 qm within a specialized seminar. We invite all interested builders, both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, to join us this late summer in Italy; We welcome especially members of other communities.
The project is structured in two courses that can be attended separately or in combination.
If you are visiting Damanhur for the first time, please arrive early enough to visit the community in an introductory visit Sunday afternoon (no extra charge).
Course languages are German, Italian, English - translation is provided for.

1 6 September 2008: Technical course Building with Strawbales - how to do it!

We will work together (8 hours a day) in the construction of a strawbale house learning diverse aspects of strawbale building in a practical way.
The practical work is completed by theoretical inputs and visual images in regard to all important information concerning strawbale constructions like:
History and ecology in building with straw bale
Building/construction variations and wall construction
Durability, humidity and weather protection, investation, inflammability
Authorization/legality and costs
Combining strawbales with diverse materials of plaster

teachers: Martin Stengel and Stefan Ohnesorg (Ecovillage Sieben Linden),
Inti China (Damanhur)

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