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Форум Школы Игратехников _ For NON russian speakers _ Tamera Summer University

Автор: МаДзару Jun 2 2009, 11:48

Dear people,

The three years of Monte Cerro Peace Experiment in Tamera is coming to an end on April 30th.
We look back on an exiting time, with many ups and downs, with the main line of building a global network for peace knowledge.
I am overwhelmed when I see how it all has developed in the last three years: in Tamera the Permaculture water landscape as a model for earth healing and food autonomy, the solar village in development, the clay architecture, and above all the community process, the young people that developed such a strength to lead, to communicate, to spread trust. And in the world - the deep and committed cooperation with specialists, committed peace workers, global activists, representatives of indigenous knowledge, with peace villages and initiatives to start peace villages. The Grace pilgrimages with Sabine Lichtenfels through the Middle East and through Colombia have provided deep insights into the world situation and into possibilities to help and change.
At the same time we know of course, to form a Global Campus for peace studies, the curriculum has to be developed further. For this we are still looking for cooperation partners and new visions.

Tamera will have a Summer of Vision this year. Starting with a gathering of young leaders from July 18th to August 31st, the Summer University "Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War" and - after this communutarian vision building - we will provide an individual Vision Quest where 100 people can join. (Imagine - 100 people for four days and nights in nature, everyone alone, without food, only water, listening to nature, facing fear and shadow sides, and in the end harvesting deep insights about their vision and contribution.)

The Summer University from 29th July to 7th August will be a space for peace committed people from all over to look together in a future culture without war, suppression, or destruction. As guests and participants, we will have some of the incredibly courageous inhabitants and leaders of the Peace Village San JosИ de ApartadС in Colombia, we will have the group that is going to start a Peace Research Village in the Middle East (PRV) and other guests from Israel and Palestine. We will have activists, inspiring specialists in Permaculture, Solar technology and Non-violence. And Tamera presents its knowledge in creating spaces of truth and trust in communities, in love, in sexuality.
We would love to have people from other communities and ecovillages to form this global ring of knowledge and cooperation.

All the best to everybody!


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