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Dear Tatiana,

I'm writing to let you know about an opportunity to volunteer with the Kosmicare project, which provides psychedelic emergency services to individuals attending the Boom Festival in Portugal. The Kosmicare project is creating a team of 25 dedicated volunteers to provide harm reduction services to people who are found undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences at the festival. These people, who might otherwise be handled by law enforcement or sedated in emergency rooms, are offered a safe space at the Kosmicare tent to allow their experiences to unfold. Volunteers watch out for the visitors' physical safety, while also providing emotional and physical support.

We recognize the reality that until psychedelics are made into legal prescription medicines, festivals are the type of environment where many people choose to engage in psychedelic experiences (and many will continue to prefer this environment after medical, therapeutic and religious contexts are legal). We also recognize the reality that some fraction of the people who take psychedelics--regardless of the setting--will encounter difficult psychological challenges and would benefit from supportive assistance. This is why we are working to develop model psychedelic harm reduction programs for a post-prohibition world. Our ultimate goal is to turn difficult experiences into opportunities for growth and self-healing.

For more information about Psychedelic Emergency Services and to watch a video, please visit our website.

The Boom Festival takes place August 18-26, 2010 in Portugal. Volunteers are required to complete a one-day training on August 17, 2010. Attached is an information sheet detailing the requirements for volunteers. If you are interested, or if you have any additional questions, please contact the project organizer, Constance Bettencourt, at: kosmicare@boomfestival.org

If you are not able to volunteer this time, but you would like to support this project and others like it, we encourage you to support us with a donation earmarked for our psychedelic emergency services projects . We have been asked to provide services at a number of other festivals around the world, but have been turning them down in order to allocate our funds toward our research agenda. Your earmarked donation can help us to provide psychedelic emergency services to others who are in need.

Thank you,

Valerie Mojeiko

Deputy Director


Here is a message from Constance:


Since 2002, Boom Festival, a biennial event, has implemented with the support of MAPS, a harm reduction, prevention and health promotion program for the well being of all participants. In 2008 when 25.000 people attended the festival, the project was heralded by Rick Doblin (MAPS President) for setting the Standard for Coordinated Psychedelic Emergency Services at festivals and credited Boom as leaders to be recognized in preparing for a post-prohibition world. Kosmicare is articulated with the Boom Medical Services and supported by the Portuguese IDT, I.P. (Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction); it counts with the partnership of MAPS, Academic Institutions and Harm Reduction NGOs. The organization will bring together harm reduction agents, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists and experienced peers to be part of the Kosmicare area.

Dearest ones!

We have a number of criteria that we are using to select the volunteers for the project.

You must fulfill at least 6 of the following 14 criteria:

• 1 - Being a MAPS member

• 2 - Linked to a Harm Reduction organization as a professional or as volunteer

• 3 - Professional background in Healthcare Services

• 4 - Experience as a Ranger in Burning Man at the Sanctuary

• 5 - Licensed as a Nurse or as a Psychologist

• 6 - Personal experience with Psychedelic Substances

• 7 - Interest (academic or personal) in Psychedelic Science

• 8 - Experience sitting people through a Psychedelic Crisis

• 9 - Professional experience in a Psychiatric Ward

• 10 - Therapeutic and/or Massage Skills

• 11 - First Aid Training

• 12 - Previous Experience Volunteering

• 13 - Has been a visitor of Boom Festival in former editions

• 14 – Speak at least 2 different languages

To participate in Kosmicare 2010, it’s mandatory that the volunteers are older than 25 years old. If you match the profile for the task of volunteering in Kosmicare, please get in touch with us for the 2nd step, and you will be given an application form which has to be returned latest by June 15th! The Pilot, Constance Bettencourt Constance Bettencourt| Kosmicare@boomfestival.org | www.boomfestival.org

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