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Course with Oberto Airaudi, Falco - Damanhur’s founder and spiritual guide

From Monday October 29th to Friday November 2nd, 2007

Learning about the fundamental elements to create a successful, functional, useful Community capable of renewing itself and lasting in time. Sharing experiences with the main Communities in the world and presenting Damanhur and its thirty year long experience.
Exploring the philosophical and ethical principles upon which a Community is founded, the choice of the property, the aims, the rules and responsibilities, living together, sharing finances, changes, relationship with the national Institutions and with other Communities, dreams and visions for the future of the Community.

Subjects that will be covered during the course:
- research & knowledge of the territory(the choice of the land, ways of communication), the best characteristics
- the property (legal tools, the importance of an indivisible property).
- the theory of Critical Numbers economy: activities & businesses and their value for the individual and for the Community, economy and relationship with the territory, Community services consolidation and growth of the group, relationship with other Communities & groups, exchange of products and sharing experiences social organization, managment and decision making, the concept of leadership economic sustainability, money, personal contributions, common expenses & investments, solidarity and sharingi
- relationship with banks. Ethical bank, complementary currency, complementary currencies in the world, the phylosophy and economy of one’s own currency
- renewable energies and technologies - sustainability with energy and food, care for health, research
- transformation of the Community, renewal of the organisms, the ideas that “bring movement”, relationships between individuals and groups
- the importance of game, playing
- generational change, the language of the different generations
- research and experimentation
- health, art, sociality, economy, education
- relationship with the territory, social relationships, institutional and political relationships
- political relationships, volunteer workrelationship with other Communal groups and with the State
- relationship with other Communal groups and with the State
- aims for the future
- “a new sociality through the Communities network”

Duration of the course
From Monday October 29 to Friday November 2nd
From: 9.00am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 7pm (Wednesday 31st and Thursday 1st unitl 8.30pm).
Coffee break at 11.00am and at 5.00pm
The course will include guided visits as well as practical sessions.

A closing party will take place at the end of the course and each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Participation by the Olami Damanhur University. Fees & Registration
Course Fee: 490 Euro + VAT (10% discount will be granted to participants belonging to the same Community group). Meals and lodging are not included
200 Euro deposit at the time of registration (with money order - bank details attached, or paypal)

For information and reservations please contact our office:


10080 Baldissero C.se (TO) - Tel-Fax 0039. 0124. 512236-512205
www.olami.it dhcorsi@damanhur.it
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