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Dear friends,
I would like to invite you to come for a visit to ZEGG. There are many
interesting possibilities, I want to offer two special events here in
this email. More information at www.zegg.de
The first one is the invitation to the summercamp and the second one is
a four day's course "Social Design and communication".
You are welcome!

As there is a lot of information about the summercamp I'll start with
the course in August:

Social Design and Communication
August 6 – 10
How can we design our life open and juicy? We will practice different
methods of communication with an emphasis on the Forum. Forum is ZEGG´s
communication process, which supports the growth of individuals and of
groups. We integrate individual healing work within the process of
creating community. During this process we raise inner awareness and
create transparency. The more we learn to support each other in this
openness the whole group grows in solidarity. We offer to share our
knowledge of spirituality, love and 24 years of life in community. The
course will be in English, and we cordially encourage non-native
speakers to participate.
Ina Meyer-Stoll und Achim Ecker
Cost: € 339,- (€ 200.- course fee + € 139.- room + board)


Dear friends of ZEGG,

"Alone You Cannot Make It, but Only You Can Make It" -
this is the headline for the summer camp in ZEGG from July 17 - 27.

We warmly welcome all interested guests – new or well-known all the same, to
join a ten-day community experience with

Life Music
Meetings among men and among women
Sun, Wind, Nature and
Joy of Living

The summer camp ...
is a big community event for those who want to integrate personal growth and
an attentive engagement in what concerns the planet. This years motto is
„Synergy – alone you cannot make it, but only you can make it“.

In some moments while working together in a group of individuals, a magic
change happens: The people involved stop fighting for their breathing space.
Instead a collective consciousness arises. Its creativity and intelligence is
far more complex than that of the sum of the individuals. Everyone is aware
of this change, of this shift, and no one can logically explain it.

The camp is a field to explore and experience this phenomenon. The central
aspects of our work at ZEGG – living together, love and sexuality, spiritual
path, political engagement and ecological responsibility – will be dealt with
under this perspective.

You find more detailed information below in this e-mail and actual
information during the next months at www.zegg.de.

We look forward seeing you
The ZEGG community


Application, Fees, Contact

ZEGG, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 89, D – 14806 Belzig/ Germany
Phone: +49-33841-59510, Fax: -59512
EMail: empfang@zegg.de/ www.zegg.de

Fees (all in Euro) for the ten-day summer camp (including food and lodging) +
1,50 health resort tax per person per day:
Payment until April 15 June 15 after June 15
Adults 490,- 530,- 570,-
under 22 years 245,- 265,- 285,-
under 27 years 365,- 390,- 415,-
Children: first child 160,-/ two and more 290,-
(Lodging in tent/ dormitory/ own tent – please let us know when applying.
Single/double room accommodation possible with extra payment.)
The income of the summer camp is used for the maintenance of the property.

Start: Thursday, July 17, 7 p m.
End: Sunday, July 27, 1 p m.

Arrival day:
Parents, children, youth: Wednesday, July 16, from 3 p m.
All others: Thursday, July 17, from 3 p m.
Arrival only at the beginning of the camp or for the weekend.
No arrival during the week.

Your place is reserved when the balance of your payment is received.
Int. Bank account: BIC: BEVODEBB IBAN: DE03 1009 0000 8201 0130 04.
Please bring a copy of your transfer confirmation.
We do not accept credit cards.
Please bring your own sleeping bag, torch, notebook and towels.


More detailed information about Summer camp 2008 in ZEGG:

What the summer camp has to offer:

On both weekends the focus is on talks and seminars, given by ZEGG members
and invited speakers.

Our Guest Speakers will be:

Auke van Nimwegen works with individuals, teams and organisations with the
concept of Spiral Dynamics Integral. He combines knowledge from management,
business and project management with his experience as trainer for personal
development. www.artofleadership.nl

Capra Carruba lives in the spiritual community of Damanhur, Italy which has
become famous for its under ground temple. Over 800 people living in groups
of different size, have established a functioning social system with schools,
workshops, companies, own currency, and “government”. www.damanhur.info/de

Rolf Walther is engaged in councelling especially in questions of staff
participation. He is manager of the non-profit “Dessau Initiative”, which has
initiated a regional currency, a talent exchange circle and a business Barter
Circle www.ini-dessau.de

Johannes Stüttgen was a master student of Joseph Beuys. Among other
activities, he has been art teacher and guest professor (guest conductor)..
Since 1987 “”Bus for Direct Democracy in Germany”, since 1999 projects with
Christoph Schlingensief; action art projects, publications and free lance
teaching (Expanded Definition of Art, Social Sculpture).

During the week group experience in the main tent (all participants of the
camp) and in the practice groups (20 – 30 participants) is the central

The practice groups meet daily for exchange and deepening. They have
different themes and are facilitated by ZEGG teams. Among others there will
be a youth group, an English speaking group, a twen group and a group for
guests that support us in running the camp.
The practice groups are open to all issues that move the heart.. The power of
community can be experienced in a special way, in the ZEGG Forum, in art, in
sports, music and play, in dance or in sharing time in silence.

A variety of cultural events are in preparation especially the traditional
Art Cafe with its delights for eyes, ears and tongue.
The piece of land with its many possibilities is an invitation to you to
participate and to enjoy.


And in the end some thoughts concerning the headline of summer camp this

Individual excellence is a result of the whole

If you want to make it on your own, you have no access to the energy of the
But only you can make it as the whole is present in you. The wisdom of the
whole is available to you when you are open to cooperation. And it is only
through the individual that the whole finds expression. And action.

The separated individual is an illusion: every human being is unity and lives
from this source. Many have experienced it: A person embodying unity is able
to create a field that reminds others of this reality too.

In order to develop our potential as individuals we need a connection to
timeless wisdom which speaks to us through the inner voice. It shows us the
way to those people, experiences and occurrences we need – as far as we are
open to receive what is given to us, and not only to what we wish for.

Individual brilliance is born out of the whole and flows back into the whole.
How can we find our way to this experience?
The summer camp is a chance for something new, a field of research and
experience around questions like this.

You are warmly welcome.
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